Established in 2010, Side Street Post & VFX is a world class post production facility.  Providing services to the North American production community, and staffed by a dedicated team of specialists, we excel at efficiently maximizing your creative intent.

As a leading Post Production House located in Vancouver, Canada, Side Street Post & VFX provides creative solutions and innovative workflows to production companies from around the world. In 2010, the facility opened to help shape the future of high-end post production. Side Street is equipped with resolution independent post production tools, creating a workflow where everyone is truly working faster than real-time to provide an exceptional customer experience.

We are staffed by a team of dedicated specialists who can customize the perfect creative solution for your project, keeping costs to a minimum while maximizing your artistic intent.

Continuing to expand since our inception, we've added a world- class VFX department and offer full-service media management including duplication, transcoding, shipping and storage to meet all of your delivery requirements.

From pre-production to delivery, Side Street Post & VFX works with clients throughout every phase of the creative process. We are always accessible to provide full technical advice and support to ensure your project appears on screen exactly as intended.


Color Correction

Senior Colourist Gary Shaw, with over 35 years of experience, holds a depth of knowledge and creative experience earned from thousands of projects combined with a thirst for innovation in the ever-changing technological landscape. With a background in both film and digital media, he understands that the critical balance of light, shadow and exposure is essential to realizing the intricate vision of Cinematographers and Directors.

Senior Colourist Jimmy Hsu, developed his love of colour at a very young age when he began painting. He eventually found his passion in photography and film where he can “paint with light’. With his extensive background in photography and film editing, he brings the visions of Cinematographers and Directors to life. He believes colour conveys emotions, and adds a vital dimension to the art of storytelling.

Colourist Kipp Lightburn, after two decades of experience in the Film Industry working both in front of, and behind the camera, has moved into the realm of Post Production.  He also brings with him about 30 years of experience as an artist.  His work includes Graphic Design, Video Game design, Book Covers, Comic books, 3D Modelling, Concept Art and traditional painting.  As a colourist, his extensive artistic background greatly informs his choices and sensibilities.  Extremely well versed in most aspects of filmmaking and with unsinkable creativity, he has wholeheartedly immersed himself in the art and science of colour.

Side Street Post & VFX, has taken advantage of recent technological developments, which have begun to blur the lines between colour grading and VFX, allowing integrated VFX to be completed in real time and at a fraction of the cost.

We are equipped with multiple DaVinci Resolve Linux colour correction suites with Full Control Surfaces, supporting real time 6K, 4K, 2K & 3D Stereo Formats. Each DaVinci Resolve Workstation contains Multi-GPUs & Red Rocket X Cards for real time playback as well as Sapphire Visual Effects Plugins for real time effects in colour correction. 

Visual Effects

Side Street Post & VFX has a world class Visual Effects department. Combining talent with technology, we endeavour to add first rate visual effects to each and every project.  Whether it be enhancing visuals, adding scope, or with the creation and manipulation of imagery, our goal remains the same; to assist our clients in achieving successful, immersive and compelling storytelling.


Whether your project is a film, documentary, commercial or television broadcast, we at Side Street take great care in conforming your offline decisions.  Taking your assembled sequence, timeline, or program, we ensure that all the edits and creative decisions match correctly and are frame accurate.

Further Services

  • Distribution Deliverables
  • Digital Cinema Packages
  • Data Management
  • Production Dailies
  • Theatre Screenings

Our Work

Past Productions

Demo Reels 

Side Street Post & VFX - Color Reel 2017

Side Street Post & VFX - VFX Reel 2016



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