The side street post team



Gary Shaw - President / Senior Colourist

After more than 30 years as a Senior Colourist, Gary has worked on hundreds of projects, ranging from award winning features to documentaries and music videos to commercials. With a background in both film and digital media, he honed his craft by grading thousands of hours of motion picture film and video, and understands that the critical balance of light, shadow and exposure is essential to realize the intricate vision of Cinematographers and Directors. Gary brings his passion to every project, no matter what scale.  IMDB Profile


Barry LIU - VFX Supervisor / Technical Director

With an extensive background in all aspects of post-production from dailies workflow to editorial to visual effects, Barry has designed workflow solutions for countless projects and is currently overseeing all technical operations at Side Street Post. Having designed all workstations, render farms and file systems at Side Street Post, which range from Linux to Macintosh to Windows, Barry is the “go to” person for any technical or creative guidance.  IMDB Profile

Jimmy Hsu - SENIOR Colourist

Jimmy developed his love of colour at a very young age when he began painting. He eventually found his passion in photography and film where he can “paint with light’. With his extensive background in photography and film editing, he brings the visions of Cinematographers and Directors to life. He believes colour conveys emotions, and adds a vital dimension to the art of story telling.  IMDB Profile


Kipp Lightburn - Colourist

After two decades of experience in the Film Industry working both in front of, and behind the camera, Kipp has moved into the realm of Post Production.  He also brings with him about 30 years of experience as an artist.  His work has included Graphic Design, Video Game design, Book Covers, Comic books, 3D Modelling, Concept Art and traditional painting.  As a colourist, his extensive artistic background greatly informs his choices and sensibilities.  Extremely well versed in most aspects of filmmaking and with unsinkable creativity, he has whole heartedly immersed himself in the art and science of colour.  IMDB Profile


Alisa Luke - Facility Supervisor

Alisa is highly organized and has an extensive background in writing, communication, and business. Her diverse skills and passion for film and TV converged at the right moment when we were looking for someone to join our team. Dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, Alisa is happy to chat with you regarding scheduling, billing, or our considerable capabilities at Side Street Post. 


Matt Shuttleworth - SENIOR Online Editor

Matt moved from the UK to Vancouver in 2012 and immediately began pursuing a career in the film industry. With experience on and off set, he has found a home at Side Street Post.  He now uses and develops his many years of Post Production experience, and has become integral to the daily oversight and completion of projects. Matt is interested in all areas of film, from regular visits to the cinema, to making his own short home-movie-like videos.  Personal Site


Kevin Reid - SENIOR Online Editor

Born and raised in Vancouver, Kevin knew early on that he wanted to be involved in the Film & Television industry. Since graduating from the BCIT Broadcasting program 13 years ago, Kevin has worked in a variety of post production, creative editing and live production roles.His broad-based knowledge of the industry has fostered his ability to find creative solutions to otherwise complex problems. He is very serious about post production, with an emphasis on getting it done right and on time. His work ethic, professional flexibility, and friendly personality make him a delight to work with, for both clients and coworkers alike. In his spare time Kevin enjoys trying new craft beers, playing D&D with friends, and travelling with his wife. Fun Fact: His favourite animal is the lion.  IMDB Profile

Cassandra Yaseniuk - Online Editor

Cassandra Yaseniuk grew up in farm country outside of Kamloops, BC, where hard work and honesty were essential. From there, she moved to Vancouver, BC, and studied film at The Art Institute of Vancouver. After working on multiple indie short films, she made Post Production her focus. Today, she works as a junior online editor at Side Street Post.